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Polly Binns - Marsh ConditionAnne Morrel - Entasis (detail)

Light and Line

Polly Binns and Anne Morrel

4 May - 7 Jul 2013

Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery


Tel: 0115 915 3677

Two leading figures in the field of art textiles come together in an exhibition that explores the common threads uniting their practice, as well as their wider contribution to contemporary textile history.

Polly Binns and Anne Morrell met over 30 years ago and, whilst a decade separates them and they have very different career histories and working methods, they share a dedication to making. Both artists use stitch as structural and mark-making components in the development of their images and ideas. Polly works directly on to the material, letting the journey of the stitch flow immediately; Anne works with an idea at the beginning of the process which then develops and changes in the making.

Both artists also share a fascination with the light and texture of landscape. Anne uses stitch to capture closely-observed moments in nature: I look at the sky; I look down on the ground; and I find marks made visible by wind, ice and snow. All create a language. Pollys continuing relationship with landscape is a powerful source of inspiration for her work, found both in its minutest detail and in the vast, shifting planes of land, sea and sky on the North Norfolk coast near her home.

This will be the first time that Polly and Anne have shown together and this exhibition has been developed by the artists, giving them an opportunity to present themselves and their own voices, outside of a curatorial vision.

Light and Line is a Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery touring exhibition, funded by Arts Council England (Lottery Funding).