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Indian Textiles, Dress and Jewellery

V&A Short Course

19 Apr - 28 Jun 2018

Cromwell Road,
London SW7 2RL


Textiles, dress and jewellery have all been integral aspects of a living culture in India. Craft workers of exceptional skill developed, and still practice, a huge range of techniques including dyeing, weaving, printing and embroidery, for use in producing religious images, tents for Mughal courts, elephant trappings, sumptuous silk saris, humble waist cloths, and jewellery made for princes or as the portable wealth of nomadic peoples. Alongside vibrant domestic markets for these goods, and an early export trade, Indian textiles were fundamental to the success of the British East India Company. As a result, the V&A has the most important collection of South Asian textiles some ten thousand pieces and related objects in the world today, from Mughal miniature paintings to folk jewellery.

This 10 week course will have a half term on the 31 May.

507 full price, 456 over 60s, 380 concessions
(concessions are available for ES40 holders and registered disabled people)