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Graduate Award for Interior Textile Design

The Textile Society ran a new award at New Designers in London on June 29th 2017: The Textile Society Graduate Award for Interior Textile Design.

The award was for a graduate with strong creative initiative, innovation and feasibility in textile design for the interior in the twenty first century.



Amarah Alexandra

Birmingham City University


Amarah Alexandra

The judges were very affected by the authenticity of Amarah's constructed textiles, which communicate with directness through the senses. The realisation of this emotive project 'The Beauty of Grief' demonstrates sensitive craft skills and innovative choices of found materials in the form of tactile, inspirational concept pieces for interior surfaces and home accessories applications.

Amarah Alexandra

By exploring five stages of grief, including translating her personal experiences through making textiles, Amarah aims to convey her belief that grief is not a sign of weakness, but a journey through which one becomes stronger. Since receiving the Textile Society’s award, we have learnt that she has been offered a graduate placement with Sandersons Style Library, so we are even more excited to see how her work and career will develop - at the next stage.

Amarah Alexandra

Judges: Mary Schoeser and Fiona Candy