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Gallery of Words

1 Jun - 18 Jun 2011
11am – 6pm weekdays, 12pm – 4pm Saturdays

Gallery of Words
29 South Audley Street, London W1


For just three weeks, an inter-lease shop in the heart of Mayfair will be transformed into a thriving popup
gallery and performance space, uniquely celebrating the beauty of words in their every guise:
written, painted, collaged, spoken, performed, stitched, even eaten …

Hosted by Rosalind Wyatt, in premises generously provided by independent property group
Grosvenor as part of their continuing commitment to supporting rising artists, Gallery of Words will
also provide a rare opportunity to view a specially curated exhibition of some of Wyatt’s seminal
pieces, each incorporating text, including:
* One of her signature love letters, meticulously stitched onto vintage fabrics using her “writing with a needle” technique: .
* Her triptych of stitched vintage garments, The Stitch Lives of Others, Parts 1, 2 and 3.
* A selection of the Zen calligraphy-inspired collage
* Examples of her bespoke, calligraphic interior
* Her latest work-in-progress, If Shoes Could Talk, which uses an original pair of satin Edwardian shoes as a canvas on which to stitch the true story of Mary Pearse – a pauper admitted to a House of Refuge in 1815.

Rosalind will be exhibiting and working on If Shoes Could Talk, the first part of an 8 year long project entitled The Stitch Lives of London – a modern Bayeaux tapestry.