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Sarah Campbell Studio

Mon 11th May 2015
1.30 - 4.30

Sarah Campbell's Studio
Gipsy Hill, London


There were grey skies over south London last Saturday but an amazing explosion of colour and pattern inside Sarah Campbell's door. Every corner of her apartment held the eye with patterned cloth, interesting books and objects.

Sarah described the history of her working life with her sister Susan, including working with numerous international companies, the peaks and troughs associated with the influence of fashion trends,
financial markets and later the emergence of her company Sarah Campbell Ltd.

Sarah took us through to her studio, with walls displaying her designs, many sketchbooks and methodically organised drawers of work all testament to the dedication and hard work involved .It was fascinating to see the work in progress and Sarah gave us a real insight into the process of developing a design by showing the
various stages of her work.

The afternoon was very informative, inspiring and fun ! We are indebted to Sarah and her assistant Molly for generously sharing an afternoon with us, and to Meg Andrews and the Textile Society for organising the visit.

Wendy Nicholson