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BBC History Series - TV Opportunity

BBC History Series - TV Opportunity

A new series about the history of British industry and craft has been commissioned by BBC Two. Each episode will tell the story of an industry/craft, and the British place associated with it. The series will be part documentary and part a social and economic history of each trade.

Participants will be a group of skilled artisans, (all from a different industry/discipline), who will then learn from an expert how to make traditional items associated with that industry. The group will make three/four products, all of which will tell the story of the evolution of that industry, using the traditional techniques and methods which would have been used at the time.

Artisans need to be proficient in their own discipline. The aim is to find a group of people who are skilled in their craft but would benefit and enjoy learning more about it. We hope that taking part in the series would be a lot of fun for all involved and will give each artisan a chance to learn the traditional methods of their own industry, as well as learning some of the skills from their fellow crafts people, i.e. a shoe-maker would learn about the traditional methods involved in pottery.

As things stand, we are hoping to film between June and August. The filming is not full time but does involve a level of commitment so we're looking for people who are really excited by this prospect! We also acknowledge that our artisans are working people and, as such, are able to offer a daily fee to compensate for loss of earnings.