Special Award 2023

Daniel Harris, the London Cloth Company

The Textile Society trustees are delighted to announce a Special Award in celebration of the Society’s 40th Anniversary. The award is given to weaver, designer and entrepreneur Daniel Harris in recognition of his extraordinary enthusiasm and commitment to the preservation of British textile heritage.

Daniel started his London Cloth Company with a 1920s loom in a small studio. Now he is producing quality woven cloth on his ever growing collection of restored shuttle looms, employing the same techniques that have not changed for decades, and supplying high fashion brands worldwide including Lyle and Scott and Ralph Lauren. Daniel has 14K followers on Instagram, and in 2023 achieved a successful crowdfunding campaign to raise £30-35K towards the restoration of an entire mill and its contents based in Wales.

Daniel was a previous recipient of the Textile Society Professional Development Award in 2011 and a popular speaker at the Society’s Tools conference at the Wellcome Collection in 2021. The Society is pleased to acknowledge Daniel’s work as a reflection of the Society’s purpose – to promote education in textiles, and to celebrate the history and culture of textiles, both traditional and contemporary.