Textile Society Awards

The Textile Society gives support to students, designers, historians and practitioners through its educational and professional awards.

Student Bursaries

The Textile Society is committed to supporting and developing the study of textiles in the UK. 

The Society’s Student Bursaries of up to £1,000 support BA and MA final year projects or dissertations, internships and apprenticeships. Students undertaking education in any textiles, fashion or textile related course in the UK are eligible to apply.

Closing date: 1 March 2024

Image: Natsuki Hanyu, Postgraduate Student Bursary 2021

Museum, Archive and Conservation Award

The Textile Society offers an award for textile related projects within the museum, archive or conservation sector. 

The Society’s Museum, Archive and Conservation Award of up to £5,000 is designed to support textile related projects within a museum, archive, or conservation studio for an exhibition, publication or conservation project that will help achieve greater awareness and access for the public.

Please note that this is not an award for individuals unless attached to a museum. Individual researchers are invited to submit applications for Professional Development Awards or the Critical Writing Open Award. In addition, the Society invites the submission of papers for presentation at its biennial Research Symposium.

Closing date: 1 June 2024

Bankfield Museum

Professional Development Awards

The Textile Society supports the development of professional practitioners.

The Society’s Professional Development Awards of up to £2,000 support the further development of professional practitioners within their chosen textile discipline, whether art, craft, design, curatorial, scientific or any other textile related field. 

The Awards are intended for professionals and PhD candidates working within a recognised field of textiles.

Applications are assessed annually, and the award is given on the strength of the applicant meeting the professional criteria within their discipline and chosen textile field.

Please note that BA and MA students are not eligible for these awards but are invited to submit applications for Student Bursaries.

Closing date: 1 September 2024

Alice-Marie Archer, Professional Development Award 2020

Brenda M King Prize for Critical Writing in Textiles

The establishment of the Brenda M King Prize for Critical Writing in Textiles replaces the former Textile Society Critical Writing Award.

The Brenda M King Prize for Critical Writing in Textiles of up to £2,000 is given for a piece of outstanding critical writing on any aspect of textiles including, but not limited to: history, dress, practice and process.

The judges are seeking previously unpublished submissions from early career researchers, established authors and students. Writing that has been submitted as part of MA, MRes, or PhD study can be considered.

Closing date: 1 September 2024

The Textile Society Special Award 2023

Daniel Harris, the London Cloth Company

The Textile Society trustees are delighted to announce a Special Award in celebration of the Society’s 40th Anniversary. The award is given to weaver, designer and entrepreneur Daniel Harris in recognition of his extraordinary enthusiasm and commitment to the preservation of British textile heritage.

The Textile Society Special Award 2019

In honour of Deryn O’Connor

A Textile Society Special Award, in honour of Deryn O’Connor and her contribution to the field of textiles, has been made to the Textiles Collection at the University for the Creative Arts at Farnham. The late Deryn O’Connor, formerly Principal Lecturer in Printed and Dyed Textiles has bequeathed her extensive personal collection of textiles and artefacts to the university’s Textiles Collection, and this special award of £700 will support the preservation of Deryn’s bequest prior to its accession.

Deryn O’Connor