Craft Associations in Scotland Survey

Craft Associations in Scotland – A Survey for Makers, Craftspeople, Artisans, Craft Artists & Applied Artists

Are you a maker, craftsperson, craft artist or applied artist based in Scotland? We’re interested to know what networks and associations you’re currently engaging with: what you contribute, what value they offer, as well as any barriers to participation you experience.

This survey is exploring membership organisations, associations, societies, and networks in Scotland’s craft sector. It forms part of a 3-year PhD research project Making it Together carried out by researcher Rosemary James-Beith at the Centre for Cultural Policy Research, University of Glasgow.

The survey aims to support a better understanding of the forms of organisation available, their role in supporting those that work in the craft sector, and how they contribute to shaping the values, priorities and working practices of makers.

This survey will take around 20minutes to complete and closes 17 February 2023. Find out more and take the survey here.