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The success of the Textile Society is due to the combined experiences, skills and scholarship of our volunteer Trustees. They manage the Society with a spirit of generosity and understanding that underpins our ever-increasing range of activities. It is this sharing of knowledge in a variety of ways that is at the heart of the Society.

The Textile Society attracts a broad range of members with a passion for textiles in countless forms. As members, we connect with each other through our regular publications: News, issued three times a year with contributions and updates on current developments, and Text, our annual journal featuring specialist articles that promote the history and culture of textiles. Our website and social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – publicise our opportunities and events as they arise.

Many of us are brought together through our annual conferences and stimulating biennial research symposia. Our conferences attract internationally renowned speakers while our symposia present new research in the field. Both occasions generate lively discussion and networking possibilities. In parallel, our programme of events frequently offers behind the scenes opportunities arranged exclusively for our members.

Each year, many hundreds of people attend our famous Antique and Vintage Textile Fairs. These much anticipated events fund our expanding Awards and Bursaries programme, widely acknowledged across education, professional development, critical writing, and museum, archive and conservation practices. Our fairs have become sociable occasions, attracting those who enjoy meeting textile traders and connoisseurs, while talking about a vast range of textiles from across the globe. Visitors purchase unusual pieces guilt-free, knowing that simply by being at the fair they are helping to raise much needed funds for awards and student bursaries. Our undergraduate and postgraduate bursaries and full range of awards are judged by teams of specialists selected for their particular knowledge of different textile sectors, each person giving their time in support of our mission.

Since its establishment as an educational charity in 1982, the Textile Society has maintained the high standards and ethos of its founder academics and museum professionals. The Society remains universally renowned for its expertise. With the rising costs of education and a reduction in the availability of grants, our fund-raising teams have become increasingly busy. We are proud of our Awards and Bursaries scheme. Thanks to everyone involved, our financial contribution has helped many organisations and individuals to continue to make, preserve and understand exceptional textiles. By joining the Textile Society, you will receive the benefits of membership while supporting our work.

Thank you for your annual subscription.

Linda Brassington
Chair, The Textile Society

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