Joan Charnley: Textiles, Art and Legacy with Nigel Durkan – 22 April 2021

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Learn more about Joan Charnley’s legacy and the Weavers Factory through this online talk hosted by The Textile Society.

For 50-years the Weavers Factory was home to award-winning textile designer Joan Charnley. Located in Uppermill on the outskirts of Manchester, the gallery was built in 1808 and used as a weavers’ factory before being abandoned when the Industrial Revolution made small-scale weaving untenable. Joan bequeathed the house and studio to her dear friends and neighbours, Nigel Durkan and Julian Bovis, who discovered an “unbelievable” hoard of textiles going back to the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Nigel talks about the legacy of an incredible designer whose textile designs spanned the mid-century and longer.

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